2012 (non)resolutions

After a lifetime of not making new year’s resolutions, for some reason I decided to make a few last year.  What a disaster!  Here’s a quick re-cap on last year’s efforts:

Round-up of 2011 resolutions:

  • To finish 11 projects in 2011.  My emphasis in this goal is to clear out some old lurking UFOs, and I have plenty to chose from.  If I really can’t face finishing them, they need to be frogged.

Well, this didn’t happen.  I’ve still got half a dozen bags of UFOs, sitting next to my bookshelf, completely untouched.  I think I may have frogged a couple, but there are still plenty left.  I haven’t counted how many projects I’ve completed this year, but I imagine it’s somewhere around half of my goal figure.  I don’t even want to go back and count.

  • To get my hand-dyed yarns up for sale.  I’ve been thinking about this for, oooh, maybe the past year or so, but if it’s here in writing, then I actually have to do it, right?  I’ve realised that I actually like playing with woolly stuff more than just knitting it, and dyeing yarn captures what I love most: texture and colour.

Hey, I actually got this one done!  I’m struggling to get much stock up in my etsy shop though (oh, the joys of photography under grey London skies) but I actually really enjoy doing markets, so I’m stocking up in preparation for another stall in the spring.

  • To blog once a week.

Er, no.  I’ll say no more on that.

After the disaster that was 2011, I’m going to try a different approach for 2012:  I’ll be making resolutions about the things that I won’t be doing. I’m doing the opposite of setting SMART goals, as we’re supposed to.   This is all in aid of simplifying my life, reducing stress, so that I’ve got time and energy to spend doing the things that I want to do.  There’s nothing like health problems to make you stop and re-evaluate.

So, what I won’t be doing in 2012:

  • No more extra studying.  I have two more pieces of work to hand in for my current course, including a portfolio with a final final final date of some time in February.  Once that’s done, there will be no more courses of any kind.  I have more than enough qualifications for someone on a mediocre income.  And please, my dear friends, hold me to this one.
  • Closely related to this: no more long hours at work (well, not on a regular basis).  I’ve prioritised work far too much, and my body has finally called time on this.  My doctor would agree.
  • No more credit card debt.  I’ve had an expensive year, but I don’t need the stress anymore.  My credit card debt will be gone by June.  (I might be living on tinned spaghetti and toast for a while, but needs must).

Things I will be doing:

  • Having lots more free time.  Weekends to do whatever I want!  Spending time with friends!
  • More short trips around the UK.  I love it here, and there are so many more places I want to go.
  • More knitting!  This has been sorely neglected, but I’m not going to set myself any goals or challenges.
  • It should therefore follow on that with my extra free time, energy, travel, and knitting, that I will blog more frequently.  However, it the interests of a stress-free year, I’m not going to set myself a deadline.

And the best thing about my 2012 non-resolutions?  They’re completely doable.