a dozen skeins of autumn, please

Well it’s no surprise really that I haven’t managed to knit a pair of socks for Socktober.  I do, however, have one Charade sock completed, and so I think I should be proud of whatever small achievements I can manage.

Sock self-portraits are always a challenge.  I tried getting my flatmate to come outside to take a couple of pics for me, but no amount of cajoling was going to work in this weather!  Just getting this picture involved dodging rain showers and trying not to get blown away in a gale.

This is the first time that I’ve knit with any of my ever-increasing Sundara yarn stash.  This is the sock yarn in Arabian Nights, part of the Seasons Collection.  I’m signed up to the Autumn range, so every couple of months I get a lovely parcel of red/brown/orange/green goodness, all dyed according to Sundara’s fancy.  I’m in love with this brown so much that I traded for an extra skein,  hoping that I could make something larger.  Sadly the skeins were too dissimilar to combine, so socks they will become.  Whilst the overall colour is dark brown, there are so many layers included; flecks of gold, chocolate, and purple (and only one tiny stripe where the colour has pooled).  Perfect autumn sock yarn.