a real FO

You got a bit of a sneak peek in my last post, but here are all the details: let me present to you the re-knitted Cherry Red!  Jen kindly took some photos for me, but by the time we’d eaten and shopped, it was nearly dark.  Priorities, eh?

Pattern: Rose Red by Ysolda Teague.  (Ravelry link here).

Yarn: Sundara Sport Merino in Crushed Cherries.  I used less than a skein: 84g to be precise.

Finished: Second time around, finished December 27th, 2010.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite count as a FO for 2011.

Modifications: I re-worked this in the medium size, but with smaller gauge and on smaller needles (3.25mm).  That gave me the slouch factor that I was after but I was worried about it not staying on my head, and ending up somewhere around my chin.  I decreased heavily at the band to give a tighter fit.  This was fine, but maybe a tiny bit tight.  Frogged back again, and re-knit as written.  Third time lucky – perfect.

Comments: I mentioned previously how much I love this pattern, and that still holds true.  It’s a perfect pattern, perfectly realised.  I’m still not sure about the prospect of me actually wearing a hat, but I’ll give it a go for my art!  I didn’t worry about blocking this version, but simply washed it and allowed it to dry flat.  I decided I’d rather keep the texture than go all out for slouch.

I’ll have to say again how much I absolutely love this yarn.  It’s got just the right combination of softness coupled with strength.  The yarn held up well to the three rounds frogging, and I don’t get the sense that it will pill, which is quite a feat for a merino.  Even more amazing is that it’s sturdy without being itchy.  Incredible.

And the best bit about this yarn?  I still have enough to make a whole cardigan.