ally pally

I made a very brief trip to the annual Knitting and Stitching Show last week.  When I say brief, I mean that I was there for about two hours, as opposed to the two full days that I was there last year!

Along with I Knit Day, this is the big event on the knitting calendar.  It’s held at Alexandra Palace, fondly known by Londoners as Ally Pally.  It’s a great Victorian era exhibition venue (partial destruction by fire notwithstanding), but perhaps the best part about it is the wonderful view that you get overlooking the rest of London below:

I only had a very quick visit inside, missed most of the yarn stalls, and only just managed to say hi to a few friends.  I’d worked until stupid o’clock the night before so couldn’t manage more than that.  I felt much better after a quick recuperative sit down in the afternoon sunshine before heading home for a nap.