Thanks for your suggestions and votes for holiday knitting projects.  I did actually take your advice, but there is little evidence, as there hasn’t been much knitting going on so far.  I have a few excuses though.  I’d been so ridiculously busy at work for the fortnight before I left that even thinking about knitting was too much hard work. I took my knitting on the plane (of course) but was far too tired to do a thing.  I suppose travelling to the other side of the globe will do that.

And then upon arriving in Melbourne, I was far too busy doing Melbourne things, indulging in the local attractions.  Case in point:  the fabulous Kylie and I went for the most fabulous meal at Mamasita.  I cannot rate this place highly enough.  Impeccable service, very yummy drinks, and fabulous Mexican food.

I arrived early so perched myself at the bar, and the staff were fabulous, giving me both enough space when I deliberated over the drinks menu (I started with a tasty sangria) but then sweetly offering me magazines to read when it was clear that my companion *cough* was a little late.

Upon Kylie’s arrival, we snaffled prime seating overlooking the street, and got stuck in:

Oh, if only I could live on caipirinhas, I would.  Completely delicious.

Tostaditas and tacos.  (I had the Enchilada y mole verde, which wasn’t so photogenic, but was incredibly delicious).

Judging by the queue out the door, this place is hardly a well-kept secret, but if you go in early (say, 5.00pm) or go for lunch, you might be lucky enough to score your choice of seating.

If you’re in Melbs, I’d highly recommend this place if you fancy something a bit nice.

Now, to fit in some knitting around all this eating…