blog hub swap – days 6 & 7

It feels a bit sad really to be finishing up this swap; I’ve had so much fun.  Factoring in the weeks spent blog stalking, shopping, making, and putting together the package for Ewenique, plus the week spent opening little parcels from Stitch4Love, it’s been the best value swap ever!

Even though I opened the last of the packages ages ago, I’ve only just managed to get a picture up.  I’ve combined the last two days, which both have a travel/holiday theme:

A handknitted travel pillow cover!  And it’s knitted in the softest, silkiest Patons Silk Bamboo. What a genius idea; I never would have thought of something like that, and I expect it’s much more comfortable than trying to sleep on a scrunched up jacket! In the picture it’s surrounded by assorted summertime beach accessories; given the dreariness of the weather at the moment, summer seems a very long way off. However it does remind me that it’s time to plan my next trip home.

Thanks to both my swap partners; it’s been brilliant.