Hello to any fellow expats reading this!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the lovely Paul over at 1st contact, in order to ask a few questions about my experiences as an expat in London.  (For those not familiar, it’s a company that specialises in all sorts of packages for people relocating to the UK, such as help setting up bank accounts, NI numbers and suchlike). I was quite surprised to hear from him, as I don’t actually mention expat life on my blog very often (probably because it seems like I’ve been here forever.)  I’m also rather removed from the usual Australian-in-London scene, and it’s actually quite rare that I meet another Australian in my day to day life.

The interview has now gone live, and it’s really quite strange to see my words up on another website; my blog is so self contained that it doesn’t feel like it’s really out in the ‘real world’.  And do I really need to use so many damn exclamation marks?

For any expats out there reading this blog, let me know if there are any topics that you’d be interested in reading about.  And if you’re an expat blogger in the UK yourself, I’m sure Paul would love to hear your story as well.