first event for the year

Edinburgh Yarn Fest - I'm going

Well, the planning for this year’s yarn shows has begun in earnest.

I’m very excited that the first event I’ll be travelling to this year is the Edinburgh Yarn Fest on March 14-15th.  It is a biannual event, and this will be my first time going.  I’m not entirely sure what to expect, other than it will be amazing!

Judging by the dicussions happening over on Ravelry and on Twitter, I’m not the only one getting excited.  People are travelling from far and wide (across the UK and Europe, and I’ve noticed that people are also travelling from the USA!) so it’s bound to be a special event.

I’ll be heading up for a very special reason: I’ll be loading up the suitcase full of knitting and crochet patterns and samples and I’ll be running the p/hop stall over the weekend.  Please do come along, say hi, and pick up a pattern or three.  If you’d like to stop for a couple of hours and help out on the stall, that would be great too!