I had assumed that I wouldn’t be able to enter Fridica’s competition, as I was sure that I didn’t have any non-staged photos of my handknits. It’s enough of a challenge to get any photos at all, let alone anything more spontaneous.

I just downloaded the photos from an afternoon’s adventure a couple of weeks ago at the fabulous Somerset House outdoor skating rink (sadly now closed for the season).  I had a great time, with one amazing fall that included bringing a friend tumbling over with me.  It’s such a beautiful setting to be wobbling about on the ice in the middle of London, and I think the rink is becoming a bit of an annual favourite in London.


I had asked a friend to take a photo of my efforts at skating, but the timing was all wrong and we ended up with pictures of complete strangers.  I was therefore very surprised to discover this photo:



It’s me!  Skating! And wearing my (re-knitted) Rose Red hat!