getting out there

Finally, I handed in my uni assignment today (at 4pm to be precise).  Hurrah!  I’m free!  And just because I haven’t spent enough time staring at my computer, I decided it’s time to update the blog.

I did actually manage to leave the house for non-work purposes twice this week, and both happened to be knitting related.

Wednesday evening saw the long-awaited ‘Knitting from the top-down’ class at Socktopus, taught by the very lovely Jared Flood (Brooklyntweed).  Unfortunately it also coincided with the London tube strike, so the class was delayed an hour whilst we fought London traffic to get there.  Although I went there with the intention of learning more about top-down design (my very favourite method) I actually managed to learn Magic Loop as an unintended bonus.  There was more knitting than fan-girling, so no pics of Jared!

london eye1

I do have a picture however to document the glorious sunshine that came out for  Worldwide Knit in Public Day yesterday.   I cast aside my essay for a few hours and joined in the London SnB Knit Crawl – the first chance I’d had to work on my current knitting project for ages (although I clearly wasn’t paying attention and had to rip back most of my work).

I won’t say too much about the afternoon, but I was very impressed with the design work that went in to these cupcakes:

knitters' cupcake

I actually baked a giant batch of cupcakes tonight myself (surprisingly good, strawberries n’ cream), as I’ve been doing a bit of batch-baking as part of my Unicef fundraising.  I’m starting to get a little cupcaked-out; who knew that was possible?