getting photos

As Ewenique so cheekily pointed out, my new year’s resolution to blog at least once a week hasn’t quite been going to plan.  One reason for this has been work-related; I’m working, studying, and now supervising a student, plus I’ve been applying for a second job lecturing.  My evenings have mostly been spent reading up on practice education and what-not.  This was going to be the year that my career takes off, but I’ve just been advised that ‘my’ job at the uni no longer exists, so I haven’t quite reached the dizzying heights that I’d hoped for.

That’s only one excuse; the second excuse is that I find it so damn hard to get photos to include in posts.  And I don’t want to post without photos, as who wants to read what I witter on about anyway?

My first problem is that I’m notoriously shy at pulling out my camera.  I generally carry it about with me all weekend on my wanderings, but nine times out of ten it stays firmly in my bag.  Case in point: last weekend I had sushi for lunch with Jen, and wasn’t brave enough to pull out my camera until Jen did (but I’ll spare you the evidence of how much we ate…)

The second difficulty with photos for a knitting blog, is getting pictures of me actually wearing my knitted stuff.  I’ve tried using my auto-timer, but that was a bit haphazard.  I’ve taken the occasional self-portrait at arm’s length, but that’s somewhat limited in usefulness too.  I’ve tried asking workmates, but they think I’m bonkers for even having a knitting blog!  Last summer I tried to rustle up a bunch of knitting friends for a ‘FO photo shoot’ but we couldn’t seem to get it together.

The much-more-prolific blogger Fridica has invited knitters to post photos of themselves wearing their knits in everyday situations.  Great idea, but I’d like to ask: just how do you get photos of yourself wearing your own hand knits?