here and there

It’s been a bit quiet over here, largely due to illness and subsequent exhaustion, but my absence over the past three weeks has had a much more interesting reason: I’ve been back to Australia!  I had a great time (as always) and once I get used to being on the other side of the planet again I’ll post about my craft-related exploits.

In the meantime, I’d like to open up this blog to suggestions that you might have on the topics of travelling and/or knitting.  Is there anything you’d like to find out about?  Perhaps you’re interested on the thorny topic of knitting on airplanes, or you’re wondering what to pack for your next trip, or trying to decide on a location for a next crafty holiday, or maybe you’d like to know where the best button shops are.

Whatever your random queries are, please post a comment and I’ll address them all in upcoming blog posts.