I’m detecting a theme

Last week I finally got my semester’s work handed in, and was home alone for the evening and didn’t know how to make use of all my excess buzzy energy.  I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to focus on knitting right now, so I pulled out all my stash (that would be four boxes plus the bags stashed under the bed) and started photographing and cataloguing what I have.  That’s a pretty scary thing for anyone with a sizeable stash!

Although some of the yarn has been hidden away for quite some time, shoved in to dark boxes on top of the wardrobe, I had a pretty good idea of what I had.  What really did surprise me about my ‘yarn stash reunion’ though, was just how much I absolutely love 90% of my stash.  I kept pulling out skeins that I hadn’t set eyes on for months on end, and then falling in love with them all over again.  Some of the colours were even more rich and vibrant than I remembered.  It’s reassuring that I’m still happy with the majority of my purchases.

One very obvious element of my stash, however, is that I consistently gravitate towards the same types of yarns and colours.  I’m a sucker for anything merino, but I also have three very clear colour choices: red, brown, and green.  (I also knit with black and grey, but there’s no point photographing those skeins).

Here are a few pictures to highlight my repetitive tendencies:


I used to think it was very strange that people uploaded pictures of their stash to Ravelry, but now I completely understand.  Not only can I instantly figure out how much of any particular yarn I have, but seeing such an array of yarns that I love love love makes me feel like I have constant access to a favourite yarn store.  Even if my flatmate tells me they all look exactly the same.