it’s a new year

I’ve never been one for making new year’s resolutions, crafty or otherwise.  The years just seem to roll around without much of a marker.  This year however, I’ve decided to set myself a few resolutions to aim for, and perhaps you can encourage me?

In the interests of being hopeful without setting myself up for certain failure, I’ll set only three craft related goals:

  • To finish 11 projects in 2011.  My emphasis in this goal is to clear out some old lurking UFOs, and I have plenty to chose from.  If I really can’t face finishing them, they need to be frogged.
  • To get my hand-dyed yarns up for sale.  I’ve been thinking about this for, oooh, maybe the past year or so, but if it’s here in writing, then I actually have to do it, right?  I’ve realised that I actually like playing with woolly stuff more than just knitting it, and dyeing yarn captures what I love most: texture and colour.

Wish me luck!