it’s oh so quiet

Not much going on knitting-wise at the moment, but not much happening in any other respect either!  I don’t usually use this blog as a space to rant, but today is just one of those days I’m afraid.

I spent last week stuck in bed with a nasty case of tonsillitis; I could feel my glands swelling up a couple of hours after returning from Italy (I figured my body was telling me to go back to the sunshine!).  My workload is always crazy, so I dragged myself back in to the office this week, as I’ve got the sort of job where my work can’t really be done by anyone else if I’m away.  Unfortunately my job involves lots of talking (not what I should have been doing), so I’m now back in bed with a secondary infection, laryngitis, and totally unable to talk at all.  In theory, it’s a great opportunity to catch up on knitting, but a) I’m too tired; and b) I can never actually bring myself to do something enjoyable if I’m too ill to work.

The only thing I can do is to stay home, and rest my voice.  It’s been quite interesting to note how difficult daily life is without the power of speech.  I’m living on my own at the moment, so I don’t generally talk while I’m just pottering around the house, other than to say hello to our regular squirrel in the backyard.  However heading out this morning just to get food and go to the chemist was quite a challenge.  Luckily with a combination of lip reading and hand gestures, I managed to make myself understood.

I’m not sure how I’d cope for more than a day or so without the magic of  internet communication though.