knitting (a bit) in Grasmere

Well, I made it on the train up to Grasmere. I then promptly slept the rest of the afternoon (missing afternoon tea with home-made cakes, no less!) but woke up in time for dinner, and to meet my fellow Walking Women.

(Is it terrible to admit that I've never read any Wordsworth?)

It was one of those weekends where there was surprisingly little walking going on (probably for the best, considering the state of my lungs) but there was much laughter and hilarity.  Bring together eight women for a weekend away, and what do you expect?

no coffins needed for us this time...

I managed to fit in a tiny bit of knitting.  All I did was finish off a toe.  Here is my October Sock, overlooking a croquet lawn (!) and lush green fields:

I thought it best to save the grafting for my return home, and I’m now thinking I might re-do the toe to try a few different options.

Our walking guide commented that she’s now inspired to learn to knit, so if that’s not a successful weekend, then I don’t know what is!

I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that the Herdy shop is in fact in Grasmere.  I didn’t even plan it, I promise!

They even had a knitted bench seat cover, but there was no time to sit down and knit.

We passed some smiley looking sheep in the fields…

and my new Herdy mug and gingerbread made me smile when I got home.

We were already planning our next adventures before the weekend was over.