lambs, and love

Spring may not have completely sprung here yet (the daffodils are likely to be four weeks late this year due to the ridiculously cold Winter) but the lambs are certainly being born.  In a program that could seemingly be made only in the UK, lambing season has been highlighted this week on BBC Two’s Lambing Live.  It’s a show which does exactly as it says on the tin, with five nights dedicated to the lambing season on one farm in South Wales, with a mixture of live programming (lambs being born! live!) and pre-recorded segments.

Obviously this was going to be a must-see for any knitter.  I’m a bit rubbish at remembering to watch TV programs, but from the bits that I saw, I particularly loved the segment on the North Ronaldsay sheep.  How can you not love sheep that live on the beach and eat seaweed?

These gorgeous photos are both courtesy of Jennifer Batten, who has so many great pics of island life:

Seeing sheep on the beach has made me think a lot this week about my favourite photo of my mum:

mum and Bow at the beach

This was taken a number of years ago.  Mum had ‘adopted’ an orphaned lamb from a friend’s farm and brought him home with her.  He was named Bow, as he was found at the Back of Weedings’ paddock. He was the most lovely little chap, very friendly, loved being around people, and was very quickly house-trained!  Mum loved spending time at the beach, and Bow went with her everywhere.  He was six days old when this photo was taken.  I loved hearing her stories about putting a dog lead on him and taking him for a walk down the street; I think the neighbours must have been surprised.  It’s the kind of thing that reminds me of mum’s sense of humour.

Given that it’s mother’s day here in the UK, it seemed like a perfect opportunity for this post.  Lots of tears and smiles all rolled in together.

Miss you lots mum.

Ris xxx