London’s newest yarn shop: Wild and Woolly

Many of you visited your local yarn shops last weekend, as May 3rd was the national Yarn Shop Day.  And for those of you in London, there’s a brand new shop to visit – Wild and Woolly.

I made my first visit to Wild and Woolly in Clapton (Hackney) a few weekends ago.  I’ve been following the blog, where the lovely owner Anna had been posting some work-in-progress photos of the renovations, so had an idea of what it looked like.  I can assure you, it really is rather fantastic!



The front window is a perfect mix of great design and fabulous Victoriana:


And the yarns really are rather fancy.  Anna is stocking a great range of yarns, both international and locally sourced.  There’s a mixture of commercially dyed skeins, natural coloured yarns, and hand dyed loveliness.  Everything is displayed beautifully, and I love her system of moveable apple crates.  Anna is very generous with her time, and she’s provided a table so there’s space to sit and knit for a while.

shop interior

The space is light and bright.  I always think that natural light is an absolute must for a yarn shop – I’m always holding up skeins of yarn to get a better sense of the colour, or peering in to a mirror to check if a colour is wearable against my skintone. Or is that just me?




If you’re anywhere near London, I highly recommend you pop in for a visit.  The nearest train stations are Hackney Downs, Hackney Central, or Clapton (depending which route you take) or there are lots of bus routes in the area.  The shop is open every day except Mondays.

Oh, I haven’t even mentioned the best bit… there will be travelknitter yarns in stock very soon!  Very exciting!