not quite avoiding the jubilee

I have to put my hand up as being one of those people who hasn’t celebrated the Queen’s diamond jubilee this weekend.  Despite living in London, I decided not to join the estimated one million people along the river Thames yesterday standing in the cold and wet, flags a-waving.  It’s actually impossible to avoid the jubilee though as it’s absolutely everywhere.   Not sure how much of this weekend is about royalism and how much is about a good excuse for a party.  I think we should invent some more excuses.

After doing my best to avoid boats and bunting, I passed the Hamley’s window in Regent Street today and rather liked their current Lego display.  Shown here with a small boy for scale purposes of course…

And just to throw in some knitting content, the Saltburn yarnbombers have been at it again, putting up a great jubilee themed installation along the pier.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!