It’s midnight, and I should be finishing my packing for my next trip (I leave bright and early in the morning; only a few hours’ time really).  I’m almost organised, but there are still a few more things to finish up.

Tomorrow I get the pleasure of spending some 23 hours on a plane as I head my way to Australia for a couple of weeks.  Vast swathes of the country are sweltering in 40-degree-plus heatwaves, and I’m not sure how I’ll survive the contrast with London’s current climate of snow.  Every morning this week I’ve been so excited to wake up and see snow; if only I could box it up and take it with me.

I’m taking a direct flight over, but with a stopover on the way back: 3 days in Tokyo.  It’s actually a life-long dream of mine, but right now I’m concerned that I have absolutely no idea what to take for warm clothing that I won’t get fed up with carrying around needlessly all over Australia for the next fortnight.

My clothes might not yet be packed, but my knitting is prepared:

I had to get the toe done, as short rows always throw me, and it’s probably best not to swear on the flight.  Wish me luck with getting through security.