picking up

It’s been a very long time since I knitted so much as a single stitch.  Thankfully my broken hand is on the mend, and I’m gradually getting more function and movement back.

While it’s been frustrating, it has also been a nice opportunity to step back and take a break.  I organise a monthly knitting group here in London, and for the last two meetings I haven’t been able to knit, so I’ve been turning up just for a drink and a chat.  I’ve been joking that I don’t actually knit anymore, I just organise stuff, but it’s actually quite true.   I love my knitting buddies and I still thoroughly enjoy being part of the knitting community and I love that I can still contribute without actually knitting a stitch.

Even when I’m not nursing a broken hand, I don’t knit all that often, and certainly not every day, as many knitters do.  I haven’t suffered knitting withdrawal, which has surprised lots of my friends.  Nonetheless, I’m starting to feel the huge amount of time that it’s been since I made something.

I think it must be just about time to pick up the needles again.