I woke up in a mild panic today, with the realisation that in less than two weeks, I will be flying back to Australia for my bi-annual visit to the home country.  Thirteen days to go, and I haven’t organised a thing.  Eeek!

I need to start planning what knitting to take with me.  There are a number of possibilities, and this is where I need your help.

I have a huge assortment of WIPs and UFOs to sort through, and some of those could do with finishing.  My first pick would be my Rhombus Wrap, which I have frogged back to the first section because the tension was too loose for my liking.  This project would be relatively light and portable, with the bonus of helping to clear out my WIP corner.

I’ve also been considering what to use my skeins of Pashmina for, after frogging my hat. I thought if I made some mitts like the Leela fingerless mittens then I could use those red buttons, but I’m also thinking that the yarn would be lovely for a honey cowl.  Both are super easy projects but the down-side is that I’ll need to carry wet-wipes to avoid the stained-hand look.

For portability, my thoughts turned to socks.  I don’t have a particular pattern in mind (I have plenty in my queue), but I also have painful memories of leaving my handknitted socks on the plane last time I went to Australia.

So, dear readers, what do you suggest I take?  Any of the above or something totally different?