scarf love

I’ve been dying to blog about my completed Here and There Cables Scarf for the past fortnight, but getting half-decent photos is turning out to be a challenge.  There have been a few factors working against me:

  • It’s winter.  It’s London.  The light is known for being particularly bleh.
  • I’ve been asking my friends and colleagues for assistance with taking photos, but for a non-knitter, it’s hard to know what on earth I’m asking for.  There was some sunshine out today so I took some self-portraits in the yard.
  • The yarn is red/bronze/gold and my camera absolutely does not like photographing that colour.

Anyway I love this scarf so much, and have been wearing it almost constantly, so I think it deserves to be shown off, rubbish photos and all. (But I’ve very grateful to my wonderful workmates who ooh-ed and aah-ed appropriately).

I bought this lovely shawl pin from Romi, before I had even finished the scarf, as I figured it would end up being a bit short to wear without something to keep it pinned.  I’d never worn a shawl pin before in my life, but it’s just the thing (please excuse the slightly wonky way that I’m wearing it in the photo though.  I didn’t have a mirror to hand).

(ven though the colour’s a bit off in that photo, you can still notice the variation between the start and the end of the skein).

It turned out however that this yarn has such incredible yardage, that from one skein I managed to get a scarf that’s long enough to loop through itself, even in a cable pattern.

Even though this is one of the softest yarns I’ve ever come across, the scarf still itches me a bit at the front of my neck.  I’m a sensitive sort though, and I doubt there are many others who would have the same problem!  It’s a testament to how happy I am with this scarf that I just grit my teeth, gently loosen the scarf a bit, and carry on wearing it with pride.