so many things!

The last post a while back about rainy weather was a bit of a ruse really, because I was on my way to Australia for three weeks.  Well I arrived back safely, and for those of you in the UK, aren’t you glad that I brought some sunshine back with me?  I’m so glad that spring has finally sprung!

It’s now time to come out of hibernation.  I’ve actually been really busy over the past few months with various bloggable things, and I’ve composed so many in my head, but that’s a very different thing to actually getting the posts online.  It’s hard to know where to begin, so I’ve decided to make a list here so you can all hold me to account.

  • A quick trip to Paris, including visit to yarn shops and fabric shops galore (with updates to previous travelknitter’s guide).
  • A weekend in Berlin, where I attempted to visit the main yarn shops, with varying success.  Discovered some amazing markets though.
  • Three weeks in Australia.   Where do I even begin?
  • My quick trip to Melbourne, which included visits to the city’s two newest yarn shops, with lots to update on my Melbourne yarn shop list.
  • A trip to Suffolk, which included some happy yarny discoveries.
  • A new yarn event coming up in August.
  • And a new yarn shop opening in London.


Time to start posting…