stash overhaul

My new flatmate Hannah moved in last weekend.  She’s lovely, and the best thing – she’s a knitter!  I’ve never actually lived with another knitter before, so it’s been wonderful checking out each other’s stash and sharing inspiration.

Hannah needed basics for her room, so on her first day here we jumped in the car and drove to Ikea.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to buy the Expedit shelf that I’d been after for ages.  Hannah had an Expedit at her last place, so she put the shelves up in no time at all, and I happily spent the afternoon reorganising my stash:

Seeing everything so neat and colour coordinated makes me happy!  Please note though that it’s only small-quantity skeins that are in the shelves above; jumper quantities are stashed away in another cupboard out of sight.  (The blues are Hannah’s; the rest is mine).  I have to say I felt a bit guilty with all this yarn seeing the light of day, so I’ve since sold a few skeins that I was never going to knit, and now I feel a bit better.

When Hannah first moved in, I pondered whether by sharing our stash, we’d each be able to reduce how much we buy.  Well, two weeks in, and it doesn’t seem to be working; exposure just fans the flames of yarn envy.