the Folksy Summer School

Friends and colleagues were a bit surprised when I mentioned that I was heading up to Sheffield last weekend, but it was for a very good reason:  The Folksy Summer School.

It was one of those events that I signed up for as soon as I heard about it, without really knowing what to expect, and I headed up on my own.  The idea of meeting up with lots of other crafty/creative/handmade business type people was just too good an opportunity to pass up.


I decided to catch the train up at stupid o’clock on the Saturday morning, thinking this would be a good idea so that I didn’t have to pay for accommodation on the Friday night.  Turned out to be not such a great idea, as whilst I arrived in Sheffield on time, I had a nightmare of a time trying to get to the actual venue, and so missed the first hour or two!

The event was held at the Woodland Discovery Centre in Ecclesall Woods.  The location is absolutely stunning, and as I ended up walking half way from Sheffield (due to bus dramas), I wandered through some of the woods and it really is a lovely spot.


It seems I was too engrossed in the formal sessions that I missed the craft demos, and also seem to have neglected the taking of more than a handful of photos!

yarn bunting

I finished the weekend incredibly inspired, motivated, and exhausted!  The speakers were amazing, and my Filofax is filled with pages upon pages of notes and lists of things to do.  A few of my personal highlights!

  • Tilly Walnes encouraging us all to craft our blogs as much as we blog our craft (I need to work on both elements of this!)
  • Various debated during and between sessions about whether artisans/handmade sellers should be niche, not too niche, or niche within a niche!
  • The lovely Andy of vinegar and brown paper reminding us that everyone else is making it up as they go along too (I may have purchased a couple of items from him, but I was planning on doing that anyway….)
  • Doug Richard closing the weekend with his hilarious tales of setting up various businesses, whilst maintaining a record of never knowingly being underpriced!  Brilliant stuff.


There was a slight mix-up on the train going home, but I thought it was a nice touch that this was the train I was initially on:

entrepreneur express

As for the summer school,  here are a few other blog posts you might want to check out (particularly for more photos):

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If you’re London based and sell handmade items through Folksy, Etsy, or similar, you’re welcome to come along to our little Etsy sellers’ meetup morning tea next Saturday, August 29th.  It won’t be a summer school, but there will be lots of tea, cake, and great company!

Here’s hoping the Summer School becomes an annual event!