updated: UK knitting events 2015

Each year, usually around November, I put up a post of the major knitting events coming up for the year. There are so many knitterly and yarny events happening that’s it’s just about impossible to capture all of them, but I try to keep track of the larger events spanning a day or more, that people are likely to travel outside their immediate area for.

The annual round up is one of my most popular posts, and I know that it works as a very useful reference for myself when I’m planning which events to attend in the coming year, so I hope that other people find it useful also.

We might only be a few months in to the year, but there has been so much happening in terms of events, that I thought it might be helpful to do an update. When I first posted this year’s events, there were a number of unconfirmed dates for gatherings that were still in the planning stages. Since this time some events have in fact been confirmed, and some have been cancelled. We can’t have you planning your year’s schedule around outdated information, right?

When planning out my yarny schedule for the year I like to print out the list so I can check dates, book leave, and track the applications for the events that I’ve applied to.  However copying from the blog post isn’t straightforward, as there’s some coding that gets in the way.  I’ve therefore put it all together in a handy little pdf for your ease of viewing.

Download the travelknitter guide to uk knitting events 2015

I hope you find it helpful, and please do let me know what you think.