we’re making London

Last Saturday, two creative friends and I went to the Old Spitalfields Market for a bit of a nosey around.  Traditionally, Spitalfields is known for its Sunday markets, but over the past year there has been an increasing focus on craft and hand-made design on the  Saturday market.  In particular, We Make London are hosting a designated area of the market over a number of dates during October, November and December.  This means that along with the usual mix of goodies such as clothing, vintage items, and delicious food, there will be an area of 50-70 set aside for artists, crafters, and designers.  So much creativity under one roof!

We Make London have also been busy putting together a book to showcase some of the amazing creative talent in London, called Inspired:London, A Guide to Handmade London.  The book is divided in to geographic areas, so you can find out about the creative talent in your own neighbourhood.

I was quite happily flicking through the sample printup of the book, when it became apparent that Julie was in fact featured in the book herself!  Can’t believe she kept that quiet.

Oh, I haven’t yet mentioned the real reason were were at the market that day:  I’ve booked a stall for myself! I’ll be flogging my wares selling my yarn there on Saturday November 10th from 11am to 5pm.  At the moment I’m excited and terrified in equal measure, so all friendly visitors will be warmly welcomed!