why oh why

I have to often ask myself why I decide to act on such silly impulses.  I never learn.

A few weeks ago my friend Pauline had a hen’s weekend, and her wedding is in two weeks’ time.  For some reason I decided to knit her a wedding garter.  Fair enough, but I decided this only a few days before the hen’s do. Given the short timescale, there was no time to go shopping for the requirements so I ordered online.  What did the pattern call for?  Size 40 crochet cotton.  I had no idea what this was, until it arrived in the post; I would have thought twice if I’d seen it first!  The smallest needles I had were 2mm, so that’s what I used, as there was no time to be fussy.

Lesson 1: Don’t knit with size 40 crochet cotton.

Lesson 2: Mercerised cotton is not my friend.

Initially my plan was to have it finished by the hen’s weekend, but I only got half way through.  I mean, did I really think that I could finish this in a few days??  I’ve vaguely worked on it since then, but without the push of the deadline, I dragged my heels.  The knitting was done some time ago, but the finishing up was a nightmare.  Somehow I wasted the whole of yesterday afternoon faffing around trying to figure out the best way to attach the ribbons and elastic.  It should really be simple!

Just when I thought I’d finished, I discovered that the ribbons had frayed themselves in to oblivion.   I went and bought more ribbon to start again (a different shade of blue, as the shop was sold out of the previous one), this time securely fixing the ends with clear nail polish.  Re-blocked the lace again last night, took a quick snap this morning, and it’s off in the post at last.

Pattern: Knitted Lace Wedding Garter by Diane Willett

Yarn: DMC Size 40 crochet cotton.

Needles: 2.0 mm, but 1.75 mm would have given a denser fabric.

Finished: 23rd August 2010

Modifications: I threaded transparent elastic through the eyelets behind the ribbon, rather than sewing on bias binding.  I don’t think this actually gave a great result.

Not entirely thrilled with the finished garter, and I’m fairly certain that it won’t actually get worn (even the colour scheme of the wedding is top secret).  However, Pauline is the sort of wonderful friend who I’m sure will appreciate the thought, and will say all the right things.

I certainly wouldn’t go through that drama again for just anyone!