wool house

wool house entrance with woolly trees

I can’t believe I’m only just posting this, but I managed to make it to the fabulous Wool House on its very last day.  It was an exhibition by the Campaign for Wool, spanning ten days, to promote the multiple uses and benefits of wool.  For those who missed it, the exhibition took over a section of the beautiful Somerset House in central London, showcases the uses of wool in clothing, furnishings, art, and just about any other use you could think of.


sheepy entrance guards

There were different themed rooms, each with its own focus, whether natural, modern, or nursery (by far the cutest:)


a tweedy toy tucked up in bed


loved these guys


There were some really lovely homewares, which I realised my flat is lacking.  I didn’t get a photo, but there were walls draped in wool fabric as wallpaper (woolpaper?) to0.  Ah, for a pinstripe room!


wool blankets


wool vases, but purely for decorative purposes I expect


fancy a cuppa?


lovely rug


a wall of yarn…I just wish my stash was this tidy

I really liked the incredible detail of the exhibition, right down to the Black Sheep Ale that formed part of one display:

1-black sheep ale

mmm, woolly beer!

It was such a great exhibition, and over the ten days, they had something like 17 000 people come through the doors.  I’m rather immersed in the knitting/crafting community, so it was great to see how much wool is appreciated more broadly.