Succulents Edition (V.1)

Succulents Edition (V.1)

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This is something pretty special.

The Travelknitter Succulents Edition is all about combining two great loves: hand dyed yarn and succulent plants.

Each edition includes:

  • One carefully selected succulent
  • Hand dyed yarn in a brand new colourway inspired by the succulent
  • A terracotta pot
  • A portion of my own succulent potting mix
  • A guide on how to care for your new plant


The first edition is especially adorable, and perfect if you're new to growing succulents.

The succulent: 

Anacampseros Rufescens (also known as the Sunrise Succulent).

The yarn:

One skein of hand dyed Tanami 4ply (baby camel and silk, 400m / 100g) in a specially created colourway.


This edition will be posted by First Class Royal Mail in the week beginning 12th October.  Due to international restrictions around transporting plants, unfortunately the Succulents Editions are only available within the UK.