Welcome to Travelknitter! 

All Travelknitter yarns are hand dyed by me (Larissa) in a teeny studio space in East London.  The name Travelknitter originally came about as an online name, as I had a tendency to grab my backpack and move across the world on a semi-regular basis, and knitting became a great way of meeting people in a new city.  Now that I’ve (hopefully!) settled here in East London, Travelknitter became the start of a yarn dyeing business.

My dyeing journey began with the search for the perfect red yarn.  My stash was overflowing with shades of red that weren’t quite right: either too bright, too pinkish, or just not rich enough.  I needed to take things into my own hands.  I took a yarn dyeing course and set to work on creating a red that made my heart sing.  That’s when Double Happiness was born, and it’s still one of my regular colourways many years later. 

I now dye a whole range of colours, but only colours that I truly love!  Colourway inspiration now comes from travels to places across the world, or across the city.  I still create colourways that are deep, rich, and saturated, and are created by using several layers of colour.  I prefer to work on a small-scale so that each skein gets my full attention. The yarn is dyed in small batches of no more than six skeins at a time; there is no large production dyeing here!  I only work with a small number of yarn bases that I personally love, especially high-end yarns that combine softness with durability.  

I hope that you’re inspired to enjoy your own travel adventures in yarn.